Why Early Education?

The importance of early childhood education

Did you know that 85% of brain development happens before age five? Promise Early Education Center provides children the opportunity to experience high-quality education in their younger years, gaining significant long-term benefits for the rest of their life.

Early benefits of early learning:

  • Positively affects brain structure
  • Fulfills curiosity, which positively impacts academic performance
  • Fosters emotional development and positive self-worth
  • Builds trust between other students, teachers, and adults
  • Develops foundational skills in math and reading
  • Higher test scores
  • Decreased need of special educational services
  • Less likely to repeat a grade in school


Later in life benefits of early learners:

  • More likely to graduate high school
  • More likely to go to college
  • More likely to get a job and have a career
  • More likely to own a home
  • More likely to realize the value of life-long learning


Promise Early Education Center offers a high-quality, holistic approach for children and families coupled with a delivery system that includes national standards, monitoring, professional development, and family engagement at all eight of our centers. Centers are high-quality and level-four rated by Maine Roads to Quality.