Classroom Goals

Our curriculum supports the five domains of early learning; Approaches to Learning, Social/Emotional Development, Physical Development and Health, Cognitive Development, and Language and Literacy Development.

Teachers and parents meet together three times a year to discuss children’s development in each area and work together to create learning goals for each child. Learning goals for children may include:

In the area of Approaches to Learning, children will learn to:

  • attend and engage in classroom activities
  • persist and follow through with activities
  • use creativity and imagination during play

In the area of Social/Emotional Development, children will learn to:

  • identify and understand their feelings and emotions
  • express their emotions appropriately
  • make friends and build relationships
  • interact with others

In the area of Physical Development and Health, children will learn to:

  • use their large muscles for movement and balance
  • increase fine motor coordination using their fingers and hands
  • use writing and drawing tools
  • practice healthy habits like hand washing and tooth brushing

In the area of Cognitive Development, children will learn to:

  • apply previous knowledge to new situations
  • use math skills to count, compare, identify patterns and problem solve

In the area of Language & Literacy Development, children will learn to:

  • use language to express their thoughts and needs
  • understand and use complex and varied vocabulary
  • engage in conversations with others
  • listen to language and follow directions