Unit 5 Update

All of our Pre-K classrooms are kicking off a new learning unit “Shadows and Reflections” the last week of March.

These are the books we are reading this month:


The concepts we are learning about: 

Reflections are images thrown back from a shiny surface.

Mirrors and still water reflect light well; dull surfaces do not.

Objects vary in the amount of light they allow to pass through, and in our ability to see through them. These variations are given the names opaque, translucent, or transparent.










Opaque objects block light completely and cast very dark shadows. Translucent objects allow some light to pass through, but not all. They create lighter shadows. Light passes through transparent objects easily, and no shadows are cast.

Children will have hands-on experiences with mirrors, bubbles in the water table, and other shiny objects to investigate reflections. An example of an activity is making reflective collages where children glue reflective and non-reflective items on paper while discussing what makes them reflective.


In “Let’s Find Out About It”, a whole group lesson, children will learn about shadows and later they will test what they have learned in small groups y exploring with flashlights. Children cast shadows by shining their flashlights on buildings they create with blocks or while playing with shadow puppets. Children will have the chance to explore with translucent, opaque and transparent objects and learn through play which objects cast the better shadow.







This unit has a lot of science, but we are not forgetting to address the social-emotional development. The focus in this unit is on developing persistence and tolerance.







In Math this month, our focus is to order numbers and lengths.