Promise Early Education Center recognizes the important role nutritious foods play in contributing to the healthy eating habits, wellness, growth and development of young children.

Within our centers, Promise provides a variety of nutritional foods, served family-style, to build good eating habits. Food is never used as a punishment or reward. We encourage children to try new or unfamiliar foods; however, no child will ever be forced to eat any food.

We follow the Ellyn Satter philosophy of feeding children that encourages a division of responsibility, and we use the USDA, Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), and the Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 program guidelines in planning the meals and snacks we provide in our centers.

Nutritional Assessment

Following our whole-person philosophy, each child in Promise’s centers will receive a nutritional assessment completed at least once during the program year. The assessment is based on height, weight and age, and any information you provide us and/or your physician regarding your child’s eating habits and any nutrition-related health conditions.

Special Dietary Requirements

A child with special dietary requirements or restrictions that require individual diet modifications will need a feeding plan and emergency medical plan to be developed before the first day in a center or home-based program visit.

Promise works with families to accommodate personal food preferences in regard to cultural and religious beliefs.

See a sample monthly menu.